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Review: Sober Stick Figure by Amber Tozer

Usually I don’t do lengthy book reviews but for MANY reasons I have to over-review Sober Stick Figure by Amber Tozer. Let’s start with the book hook – stick figures! Stick figures RULE! If you have been following my blog, you … Continue reading

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Angels and Ghosts Persistant Spiritual Support

It is Christmas Eve. It is also the first holiday I will be completely sober. The scary thing is that my stress level though high, isn’t what is driving me to want to take down some booze. It is the … Continue reading

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Once a drink ago, it was Halloween

I live in a neighborhood full of happy people. Happy, amazing people with spouses and children of all ages. When I moved into this neighborhood, my son was only 4 months old. Our first Halloween, 1 year later was very … Continue reading

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From denial to descent and moderation, medicines and my mortal coil

I am owning this one. This mortal coil that I designed myself around alcohol. Shakespeare wrote in 1600 (Hamlet) about shuffling off this mortal coil. He basically meant to die, but Hamlet was tormented in life and spirit and suicidal and … Continue reading

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The First 30 Days – finally.

What does really happen during the 1st 30 days of sobriety? It depends. THAT is a stock answer for conditions that otherwise can vary. In this case, from person to person and degree of damage to our physical being and where our … Continue reading

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