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Nutty Professor to Mr. Hyde

Time magazine release this article on the Four Types of Drunk Personalities called appropriately Here Are the Four Types of Drunks, According to Science  in July of 2015. (That is this year last time I checked.) I remember reading this … Continue reading

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Once a drink ago, it was Halloween

I live in a neighborhood full of happy people. Happy, amazing people with spouses and children of all ages. When I moved into this neighborhood, my son was only 4 months old. Our first Halloween, 1 year later was very … Continue reading

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Spiritual corruption and AA is not WHAT?

I am tasting my drinks right now. I am back at the Turks and Caicos floating around a giant pool slurping on a Rum & Diet Coke. Slurp. Slurp. So refreshing. I am feeling so good. So relaxed. Slurrrrrrrp. <insert … Continue reading

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From denial to descent and moderation, medicines and my mortal coil

I am owning this one. This mortal coil that I designed myself around alcohol. Shakespeare wrote in 1600 (Hamlet) about shuffling off this mortal coil. He basically meant to die, but Hamlet was tormented in life and spirit and suicidal and … Continue reading

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It starts with a commitment and a letter…

  8/31/2015 Dearest Alcohol, I am sad to tell you that you can no longer be my BFF (best friend forever). You have gone from being the best and most loving partner to the worst booty call. I have reduced … Continue reading

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