Here is the list of my favorite and current podcasts. Podcasts really fill time in the car.

Read Radio – can purchase AA reflections, Speaker Meetings, Readings from the Big Book- well recorded and as you like it

The Bubble Hour – weekly podcast focuses on great topics we all discuss without specific to 12-steps just about the disease and about recovery

Recovery 101 Radio – cute little podcast with the boozy news not fit for booze and the “after meeting” topic

Recovery Elevator – Stop drinking, start recovering; Alcohol, Addiction & Life; Paul is really good at articulating and talking about sobriety

Recovery Radio Network – all AA, Al-anon all the time. Miss a speaker meeting? Can’t get to one? This is a great podcast of recordings of people sharing their experience, strength and hope

The SHAIR Podcast– Sharing Helps Addicts in Recovery – Omar aka. ‘O’ is the host and has lots of good sharing people coming in and talking. Enjoy!

Since Right Now – love these guys. Different approaches, experiences and journeys through sobriety and topics. Very cool group.

The Dr. Drew Podcast – Dr. Drew talks to a lot of good people. Pick and choose; always interesting conversations.

This Life with Dr Drew and Bob Forrest – more informative then experience based but personally love listening to them together