Ice cream, you scream addicts scream for ice cream…

Seriously? I just typed that subject line.

First of all, I really don’t like the ice cream man. Growing up we’d run for the truck. WE ALL DID. There was something so exciting about the chase. No matter where you were inthe neighborhood, you would magically beam yourself back home to yell at the top of your lungs “MOM! DAD! I need money for the ICE CREAM MAN!!!” Us now who are parents CRINGE at the sound of the ice cream man. It isn’t that we don’t want our kids to have the same excitement we did but now it just isn’t the same. Plus, it is kind of creepy. Ice cream mannnn….wonder if there is a horror movie about that. I am NOT googling that.

To the real point of this post. Lot of chatter I see about sugar and specifically ice cream. I stopped drinking at the height of summer. Let me be really clear about this. I did NOT eat ice cream but ONCE a year. I would eat frozen yogurt on occasion but ice cream was not good to my belly. I also liked the frozen yogurt – favorite being Purple Cow. So, I stop drinking. Within probably a week of quitting ice cream was my new best friend. It started taking place of the after dinner drink. This is also an epidemic on the group sites I belong to. It is really comical actually. The craving of ice cream replaced my alcohol need.

I thought I was going to finally lose the 15 pounds I had been holding on for 2 years and guess what? NOPE. It has remained in tact. Less bloating however – which is awesome. So now close to 60 days I started to dig into sugar addiction because it can be sabotaging for healthy seeking individuals who like myself love to exercise and imagine having the abs of a 20 year old again. I found a really decent article on sugar addiction. What I realize is now I have to start focusing on reducing all cravings that endanger my physical well-being but lets not forget the forgiveness. As reminded, this is a tenuous time for me and the occasional donut is not going to kill me.


Just to be in the fall mood. The picture above is Apple Cider donuts I had this weekend fresh out of the oven. I actually went into a sugary, greasy high and it was amazing.


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